The light of the righteous

Many times I hear, even from my closest students, the claim: “But what else can we do to fix this world? How can few warriors of light defeat the mighty darkness?”

Others, more optimistic, settle for self-correction and their influence on small circles.

In this article, I want to reveal and explain how a relatively small number of righteous people in the world, who do their job faithfully, not only get to influence their immediate environment, but their existence, literally, sustains the world!

The idea that a small number of righteous people can save a certain place is already found in the biblical story where Abraham seeks to convince God not to destroy the two sinful cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, if he finds a certain number of righteous people in it.

Abraham negotiates with God on the number required to prevent destruction and manages to reach the minimum number of ten righteous. But since even ten righteous people were not found, the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah is doomed, but not before they rescued Lot, his wife and two daughters. Lot’s sons-in-law, who laughed at his warnings (nowadays they would call Lot a conspirator), were found dead along with all the inhabitants of these cities, when fire and brimstone came out of the sky and destroyed them altogether.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is similar to the fate of Atlantis:

Material hedonism accompanied by moral and sexual corruption (especially contempt of the female sex) is doomed to destruction occurring at once, without any warning, by the executive branch of God, which we call natural disasters.

The mystical Hasidic Judaism speaks of the existence of thirty-six righteous people who sustain the world, and in addition to their small number they are hidden. They are neither the long-bearded leaders in the various religions nor the spiritual teachers whose books are on Amazon’s best seller list. Most of them are hidden from the public eye and even if we encounter them, we will probably not recognize that we are facing a person who is a vessel of light of the Creator on earth. If we are a little more sensitive, the energy that emanates from the aura of such a man or woman, may give us a one-time, irrational experience of happiness that comes from being close to God.

Although there are righteous men and women who have a public role, their true work is done in secret: between them and their soul, between them and their Creator. This is a job that has no hours. It is done during the day, at night and even while they are sleeping. And this work has one purpose: to be a hollow and pure vessel, without any obstruction, to the divine light, which flows through them to the whole world and sustains it. Stopping this flow is like stopping the supply of oxygen to the body and dying immediately.

This intensive work has the power to explain why “the work of the righteous is done by others” and “that God is meticulous with the righteous as a thread of hair.”

The material needs of the righteous are provided for them by the light, in various ways. They do not get up in the morning and are preoccupied with earning a living and even if they work a certain job, it is a job that has a sufficient blessing for the modest life that characterizes them.

On the other hand, since they must be pure vessels of light, they must be “meticulous” in their personal lives, which mean they suffer from various torments aimed at purifying all aspects of their being:

Their religious beliefs, their relationships, their feelings and even their thoughts – all need to be in perfect harmony with the will of the Creator.

If we take the example of our ancestor Abraham and look at his life in light of this explanation, we will understand why he had to go through so many difficult trials. Every attempt is a pressure from the light that aims to force the righteous to purify a certain aspect of his life and thereby open a blockage that exists in his vessel, in order to reach the optimal state, that the light can flow through him without interruption.

Righteous people are everywhere on planet earth, and they belong to different ethnic, religious and national groups. According to the Book of Revelation, they’re 144,000 souls who signed an oath to serve the light. An oath that most of them have taken on several incarnations of life. Scholars say that a third of them are currently on Earth, and another two-thirds, are in the etheric world.

Everyone knows and is connected to the great Tzaddik, from whom they draw the light and each of them transmits it, through their purified being, to the hundreds of thousands of souls specifically related to them, and for them they’re responsible for providing the light.

I would like to enlighten the eyes of readers to another type of souls that can be considered as righteous souls, as they too contribute to the purification of the world.

This type includes children who are on the autism spectrum or “normal” children who do not get along in normal settings. They are all characterized by extraordinary innocence and purity relative to the materialistic, and competitive world in which most of us live. They have a blue-purple light that connects them directly to the divine light and they are here to help us develop the spiritual qualities that are intuition, love and harmony. They themselves are unaware of this role and very often suffer from society, but there is no injustice in this suffering because they voluntarily accepted it before they rolled into this world.

If their parents and educators fail to suppress them through medication and all sorts of measures designed to “fit” them into society, they will be found to have immense power as well as protection. Remember: they are not the ones who need to adapt to all the false systems in which we live for hundreds and thousands of years, but we are the ones who need to be inspired by them. Their righteousness is manifested in their purity which cannot be influenced and stained by society.

In the hope that all the righteous will accelerate their own process of purification because the purification of the world, a process that we as humanity are in the midst of, depends on them!

Inspired by “In the Light of Truth – The Message of the Grail”

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