Sound The Great Shofar

For the ascent of the soul of my father Naftali rabbi

Rosh Hashanah (and Yom Kippur) are not holidays that depend on the historical memories of the people of Israel. These are the days when every person is called to stand before God for a personal and intimate soul-searching and to ask himself: Have I fulfilled my unique role in the world?

For many years, when this special time comes, I prepare in my spirit, for some concepts that are found in the Rosh Hashanah prayer: The sound of the shofar, Day of Judgment, The kingdom of LORD. 

I intend in this article to shed light on the original and full meaning of these concepts, which is revealed precisely at this time, in the wake of the corona crisis.

The sound of the shofar

The sound of the shofar (trumpet) heard on Rosh Hashanah, is an ancient voice synchronized to the soul. A voice calling for man to awaken from his spiritual sleep, because the laziness of the spirit is the most dangerous disease! It is the laziness of the spirit that leads to settling in the material world and deviating from the true meaning of our existence. Spirit laziness is also the one that allows the forces of darkness to control the creation, because dormant souls- are obedient and cowardly souls (in short sheep…). They accept, without any examination and investigation, any plan of darkness from poisoned food and vaccines to unnecessary wars, and in doing so, they’re cooperating.

The Rosh Hashanah Shofar is not just a Shofar, it is a great Shofar! (“Sound The Great Shofar for Our Freedom”) and a great shofar, is the symbol of the great awakening of all humanity from its sleep! The awakening, which the prophet Isaiah had already foretold: “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the great trumpet shall be blown” (Isaiah 27:13)

Years of praying for this moment, for this awakening. The truth is, I did not think I would be privileged to be present in it. But the time has come! And it is happening everywhere! The great awakening has come and with it the judgment and purification!

Last Judgment (the great of final)

The Day of Judgment that frequently appears in Rosh Hashanah prayers (or in its other names the Great Judgment, or the Final Judgment) is a time when extraordinary events will take place in the universe, in humanity, in the lives of the peoples and in the lives of each of us!

First, it is important to understand that the day of judgment is not an event in which God personally punishes mankind. This is a childish conception, perhaps appropriate for kindergarten, in which we are told that God has a white beard, and he sits in heaven punishing and rewarding. But this is not the right perception we should have as adults.

Judgment Day is actually an event that occurs automatically under the laws of creation!

To clarify this important point, let’s take for example a person who does not maintain his health: smokes, eats industrialized food, does not exercise and lives under stress. One day he gets sick. why? Not because he received punishment from God, but because he lived contrary to the laws of nature, which are the laws of creation, which are in fact the divine will.

If we look at our time, then now all the consequences of the deeds of mankind, which have long deviated from the right path intended for it by the light, are returned to us in full force, by virtue of the law of mutual action. (Which is one of the laws of creation.)

Another thing that characterizes the time of judgment, is the revelation of the truth! The rays of the divine light, penetrate everywhere in the time of the great judgment, and reveal without mercy, all darkness! No lie from the lies of darkness, will be able to hide from the revelation of the truth of all human history, in which the story of the corona, is only a drop before the flood.

It is very important to remember that the revelation of the truth will happen for all the souls of all the inhabitants of earth. Everyone who is in the school of earth, is here because we still have something to fix and learn and therefore there is still darkness in each of us. The rays of the divine light will illuminate every corner of our soul and then we will have to choose, whether to do “tashlich” of our sins (casting Off of Sins), purify our hearts and have the privilege of being written in the Book of Life (which is a record of everything each soul did in its various incarnations) or resist exposure, and be erased from the book of life.

The revelation of the truth will be accompanied by the purification of the world from evil. Evil and injustice that are hard to describe in words! This, too, is a prayer we carry on Rosh Hashanah, and this year we will finally have it fulfilled: “… and all the wickedness will vanish like smoke, when You remove the rule of evil from the earth.”

But until the purification is over, we will experience a lot of chaos, instability, and uncertainty. All the systems in which our lives have been conducted so far will collapse: political leaders and governments will change, the banking system will change, the medical system will suffer severe shocks due to public distrust, the education system will not be able to continue in its format and we will have to rewrite our history. Also, many people will need mental and spiritual help because they will not be able to withstand the revelation of the truth.

Despite the immense difficulty, we must accept it with joy because the collapse of the wrong and dark old world is a divine grace in the full sense of the word!

True, darkness ruled over us, but we in our blindness agreed to be her slaves and therefore the work of redemption of the light of the creation, is a grace for the created and not an obligation.

This fact is also found in the Rosh Hashanah prayer: “Our Father, our King, be gracious to us and answer us, for we have no meritorious deeds; deal charitably and kindly with us and deliver us”.

The kingdom of LORD

After purification, we as a humanity will have the opportunity to build God’s kingdom in the world. This will be a thousand years’ reign, which was also promised to mankind in the various prophecies and promises.

It is important to note that this will not be a repair or upgrade of what has been until now, but a reconstruction of humanity. New Divine Order!

The Thousand Years’ reign will be a school to humanity. We will have to enter its gates with great humility and re-learn in it, in every area of life, the right way. So that we can, at last, win a life of peace, happiness, love, and harmony on earth.

It is important to understand and remember that the Thousand Year kingdom will not be built in a hocus-pocus for us by any political leader or even by a messenger from the light, but by us!

In other words, we must understand as mature souls, that when we pray for the coming of the kingdom of LORD, we do not mean a passive request and supplication, but an active oath and commitment!

It is our right as well as our responsibility, as human beings with free choice, to seek and discover the unique role given to us in building the kingdom of LORD. In the construction of the new world.

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