Speaking different languages

Two weeks ago, as I was returning home from a class at our center, I heard my soul whisper: “Take a few days off and sit back in peace. I have a blessing for ALMA INSPIRA, and you need to clear your head and let it come.”

“Blessing?” I wonder “What other blessing awaits ALMA INSPIRA after all the blessings the project has been blessed with in the last year?… I have not yet had time to celebrate with my team the global success of “Gym for Life”, and something new is already coming?”

But I did not argue. I am well acquainted with this voice that brings with it an abundance of inspiration, so I sent the “production office” that is in my head for vacation, and waited quietly.

The first idea that came to my mind was the comparison between two stories: the story of the famous Tower of Babel versus the story of Pentecost as it is described in the New Testament.

The builders of the Tower of Babel were united for one purpose only: material achievement and self-glorification. And it is well known that when people unite for purely selfish reasons, they will eventually separate. The punishment described in the Bible as coming from outside by God must be understood as a direct result of their actions: Egoism leads every person, or human group, toward detachment and loneliness, to narrow-mindedness which is expressed in the inability to understand another language.

On the other hand, when Jesus ‘disciples gather in the Temple to celebrate Shavuot (Pentecost) an event occurs with opposite results: a strong gust of wind brought tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of the disciples’ heads (later in the article will come the exact explanation). As a result, they become spiritually inspired and begin to speak in different languages about the greatness of God. This aroused great astonishment and excitement among the crowd who came to the temple from different places, and therefore also spoke in different languages: “Are not all these men who are speaking Galileans? then how is it that each of us hears them in his own native language?” Here in contrast to the story of the Tower of Babel is a blessing: whoever acts out of pure motives to spread a divine message in the world, will gain the ability to speak in different languages and be understood by people from different places and cultures.

“And how does that relate to ALMA INSPIRA?” I asked and the answer was not too late to arrive:

The ALMA INSPIRA project is being conducted (currently…) in three languages: Spanish, Hebrew, and English, but that is not the reason for the blessing. It is in your ability to create different languages to help as many people as possible in the world reach their maximum potential. For example: you create a new language of terms for the spiritual experience to circumvent the opposition that people have to this concept due to all of the mistakes and distortions that the various religions on the one hand and the “spiritual” cults on the other hand have created.

“Shall I proceed?” Asked my soul

“Please” I said.

You know how to speak the language of social media and another language on your website. The articles and books are written in different languages, and each course of ALMA INSPIRA and its launch, is of a completely different nature in terms of the language created especially for the stage in which the students are.

And finally, the most wonderful thing about ALMA INSPIRA is the reaction of so many people at the end of a lesson or seminar. You do speak to the group, but each student hears the words as if they were said for him personally: “Thank you Hagit! You were really talking about me and my life!”

What does “you” mean? you are the one speaking through me during class!” I said

My soul blushes…

Long silence. I get out of bed. I Understand that today I will not receive more information, but the guidance has not ended so… a few more days off! Meanwhile life continues. A few days later, after a morning run, my soul “informs” me that the lesson continues. “Now!” I sit down on a bench in front of the river and recall the instructive explanation of the author of “The Message of the Grail” about the tongues of fire over the heads of Jesus’ disciples:

Tongues or flames of fire are a kind of sparkle in the shape of a candle flame, which people with supersensible vision can actually see! They are a tangible expression of increased help from the light, given to a person or group of people, who dedicate their lives to spreading a message designed to help human beings reach maximum development. This flame is like an antenna that allows reception to distances and hence a deeper and higher understanding of the divine message, and then transfers this light to tools that humans can understand. This very special help was given not only to the disciples of Jesus in the past but also to the true disciples of today. meaning, anyone destined for the craft of distribution receives the blessing of speaking in different languages.

And after all this came a clear instruction: “Now you must learn the language of the media. All areas of visual photography and especially video filming, because this is the language in which people speak today and as time goes on it will become more dominant.”

After such a blessing and guidance, I literally jump out of joy in the middle of the running course (and I don’t care if people look at me and think I’m crazy!). When I got home, I immediately called David, Julietta and Caro, my closest partners, to tell them that another adventure awaits us: filming videos! 

Today, two weeks since I started hearing my soul in the matter, we are already in the early stages of creating the videos that you will not be able to stop wanting to see and learn from! See it as a promise!

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