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Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) is essentially a wonderful gift for the soul. Why? Because it gives us an opportunity to look at what has been, and then dream and “reprogram” what we want the coming year to be. Therefore, it is a real shame to miss this opportunity by dealing exclusively with the question “Where do you spend your holidays?”, Planning fine meals, or just praying out of habit.

What has been

The summary stage, also called “judgment day”, and judgment means looking at all aspects of our lives as they are. In a thorough and honest way, without beautifying “It is what it is!”

My recommendation is to start this observation, with a thank you for all the good and happy things that have happened to us in the past year. I think a lot of times we tend to look at what we have not done well, at what doesn’t work in our lives and as a result, judge and be very difficult with ourselves. But if we look at our strengths, at our accomplishments, at the things we have managed to change for the better in ourselves (and even if there has been only slight progress in that direction), It can give our soul motivation! a PUSH, to grow and be stronger and it has a lot more influence, than our personality which is a product of beliefs, memories and experiences from the near or distant past.

Then, still in the summary stage of what was, we come to the sin stage. The word sin in Hebrew “khata” meaning “missed the goal”. For me, the sin stage is looking at all the aspects of my life that I might have missed the goal. For example: regarding my health, my relationship, my children, financially, at work, etc. This definition of sin is entirely subjective, and it does not seek confirmation in any external list of sins that someone else has defined. (A person who is honest with himself, can certainly notice that in the list of sins defined according to Jewish law, there are many things that do not reconcile with his heart and therefore his mouth should not say them…)

It is very important when we review our lives, not to despair! Rabbi Aharon of Karlin once said that the purpose of Satan is not to cause a person to sin but to come to despair. Hasidism, which claims joy as a way of life as the most essential thing for the proper development of man, were also well aware of the danger of despair which can overwhelm any man immersed in honest observation of himself. (Why do I keep getting stuck at the same point over and over again ???), So what can be done so that our sincerity does not lead us to despair and cause us to give up? One of the very creative solutions to this is found in the revolutionary definition of one of the teachers of Hasidism, the Rebbe of Mezeritch, who is wicked and who is righteous, and here is a summary of his words: 

Two people do the work of Rosh Hashanah and look thoroughly at their lives. They both see that the situation is not good, but here two roads diverged: the wicked is the one who sees his sins and comes to despair, and in contrast the righteous is the one who doesn’t give up, strengthens himself and trusts in the help that will come to help him fulfill his will. So, what do you want to be, wicked or righteous?

What would be

Here, I am going to say something revolutionary: Do not hope and wish a happy new year but dream a happy new year!

“I hope to be in a relationship”, “I hope my marriage will improve”, “I hope to succeed at work”, “I hope to pay the debts”, “I hope I can buy a house” – We have been taught that these are beautiful requests, but the universe accepts them as beggar requests and as you know, even beggars who have had a good day, remain beggars.

Therefore, focus on the area of life you would like to see change this year and just imagine how you are already living the change! Imagine in detail what you want and really feel how wonderful it is to be in this reality! Take advantage of the days off to relax (we have already agreed that Rosh Hashanah is not just about the food) and create your dream, your vision, your new image of reality.

The universe can be described as an automated system that constantly perfects the data you put into it, and outputs a result accordingly. the data each of us puts in, in line with what our lives look like. First is the image or self-belief we have about ourselves. This is the data that has the most impact on our lives and anyone who thinks a little about this fact, will come to the conclusion that no change in life can occur if we do not change this image. Because if a woman has the image: “I am fat!” No diets will help and eventually she will be overweight again and if a person holds the belief that: “I will never have enough money!” There is no chance of him living in abundance.

This is of course something that many people already know, and the million-dollar question is how do we change the image or self-belief that holds us back in life?

My answer is not to hope it will be any different, nor to analyze in my head why it is like that (and who is to blame for it!) But to learn to dream! Connect to the highest frequency of our soul, which is a frequency of vision and power, and experience it!

So, if we return to our subject, Rosh Hashanah literally means “head [of] the year” of change. Time to RESTART our system of images and beliefs and replace them with a dream we can imagine in the present.

Throughout the year, we need to check if the rest of the data we send to the universe matches the dream and bring to our attention our thought, speech and action.

Thought: We must learn to hold the dream in mind and not let doubt or past experiences dim it and bring us back to recreate repeatedly  what we no longer want. If we succeed in this, it will be easier to control speech and action correctly.

Speech: If we speak against our dream (say our dream is a wonderful relationship and we do not speak respectfully to our spouse), we reduce the chance that it will come true. Remember: “life and death are in the power of the tongue”

Action: we must dare and go with our passion to the end and do an act!

Talk without deeds does not work, the universe doesn’t like chatters. Do you have a dream to be thin? Sign up for the gym! Want to bring your message to the world? Focus on the destination and buy a plane ticket. Want love? give love!

Wishing all the members of the ALMA INSPIRA community in Argentina and the world, and also to those who are reading my words for the first time, to take advantage of this energy of renewal, and create for yourself the most amazing life you deserve! Happy New Year!

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