What is inner strength?

I’m going to start this article with a contradiction: I have the recipe for a life of success, even though success has never been something I aspired to.

And here is the full explanation for this contradiction:

Ever since I can remember, I have been preoccupied with one question that can be formulated in two ways: What does life mean? Or: What does God want from me?

And the desire to answer this question, pushed me with all the intensity to various studies and experiences. In some of them I excelled, in others I was objectively successful, but these did not often prevent me from getting up and leaving prestigious places, in favor of the next step in this search.

Then in 2000 I received the book “In the Light of Truth- the Message of the Grail” and slowly all my questions got answered, and after a few years of studying I also grasped what God wants me to do in his creation. And God, as someone wise once said, does not want us to succeed but to be committed to our mission, whatever it may be. And if I am to be more linguistically accurate, what interests me in life is not to succeed, but to influence as many people as possible to reach their maximum potential. This is my mission. And if you want to know how can you know what God wants from you? Very simple: we must recognize our talents and develop them for the benefit of all mankind. In my case it is the ability to make very high and abstract concepts accessible and simple to understand.

For this reason I created about four years ago, three basic courses each of which was supposed to affect a different aspect of life: the first course “Beyond Emotions” is supposed to teach how to gain control of our emotional mechanisms, the second “From Falling in Love to Love” is dedicated to developing relationship skills, and the third is “Family Connections” which teaches how to identify various problems in our children’s lives as a mirror to the change we as parents need to go through.

No recipe for success. Just wisdom for life.

But what happened when I myself started experimenting with the content of these courses, was beyond all expectations. I have found that when I practice the contents of these courses together, I become a person with immense inner strength and that I can harness it to any goal I want to achieve.

So, what makes up the inner strength? Desire, self-confidence, and balance. And this is exactly what successful men and women have: they are determined about what they want, they are confident that they have the ability to achieve it (even though most of their environment does not believe in them!), And in addition they have an inner balance that allows them to overcome moods and doubts.

What do Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King have in common? You guessed it. They all had inner strength and that is what enabled them to achieve extraordinary results in life.

When people come to me for personal counseling and tell me they have a dream they would like to fulfill, I know that without the inner strength, they just will not be able to fulfill it. Even if they are highly talented, have money, connections, and marketing consultants.

So, how can I help them at this point?

This issue is how I came up with the idea of turning the three courses I mentioned above into a program of exercises that can be practiced at any given moment in life. And that was the first thing I did. I then added a few exercises that I found appropriate for contributing to this goal and finally created the ten “Gym for Life” exercises that also have a bonus: not only strengthening inner strength but maintaining physical health, relationships, and family.

I am convinced that inner strength is not the result of talent but of training. True, some are born with it more than others, but anyone with patience and determination can develop it and then… life becomes something that is beyond imagination!

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