“Hi Hagit” was the WhatsApp message a dear student wrote me on the eve of the vote for the abortion law in the Argentinian parliament “when all I hear around me is confusion, the only thing I want is to talk to you and hear your view on the matter.”

I briefly explained to her what I think and promised a deeper and comprehensive explanation to come, that is the purpose of this article.

But before I start, I would like to clarify that the things brought below are not intended for earthly legislatures. Those have no knowledge of spiritual laws and are also reluctant and unable to grasp anything that happens beyond what the mind can grasp, that is, beyond time and space.

My words are also not intended for women organizations of any kind, that those who belong to them speak and behave militantly and like members of a fanatical cult, “attacking” every woman who dares to speak differently from what they consider progressive. As we know there is no point in trying to bring a new perspective to a fanatical person, for he is one hundred percent sure that the truth is in his hands.

This article is written for every woman (and man) who are willing to put aside their opinions and be open to accept knowledge beyond the five senses which will allow them to think differently and in a wider aspect of life (and death, but that is a subject for a different article).

From an earthly perspective, all around the world there have been Discussions and heated debates over the question of when human life begins. There are those who claim life starts with conception, others claim that during birth. But eventually and without any justified reason, they reached an agreement on a period of three months from the date of conception. Thus, the law in many countries allows the termination of a pregnancy during the first three months.
However, even though from now on this act is not subject to punishment under human law, this does not mean that there will be no consequences under the laws of creation.

What are the laws of creation and how do they work? Laws of creation are synonymous with the laws of nature; you may identify them in the material world, but they also operate at more refined frequencies.

For example, The Law of Mutual Action: on a physical or material level, if we sow lettuce seeds we cannot expect to harvest anything but lettuce. On a refined level, our words and thoughts operate as seeds we sow minute by minute, and according to the law there will be a time when we harvest what we sow.

These laws don’t take into account if we are Jewish, Christians, Muslims or atheists they operate automatically without asking for permission or opinion of any human being.

These laws reveal the true will of the Creator, similar to what Einstein has already explained “I believe in God, who reveals himself in the harmony of all that exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fate and the doings of mankind.”

If we return to our matter, then from a spiritual point of view, which is clearly refined and not material, the essence of man is the soul and this begins its process of attachment to the body, in what is called reincarnation of the soul, from the moment of conception.

The connection between the egg and the sperm causes a combination of radiation that comes out, like a transmission at a certain frequency, and is absorbed by someone tuning to the same frequency. those certain souls waiting for the possibility of re-rolling in the body on earth, to repair their karma and continue the process of spiritual evolution, in a new life.

Once the opportunity presents itself, they connect to where the conception process is taking place, to wait and follow the development of the new human body as a seat for them. During this waiting, etheric threads are woven and stretched from the young body to a certain soul, which attaches to the future mother, and vice versa – from the soul to the young body. At a certain stage of fetal body development these threads serve as a bridge, allowing the soul to enter the body. (This is the same moment when the pregnant mother feels the movement of the fetus for the first time!)

Perhaps now you can more easily imagine the significance of the intervention in this process. How, then, can a person think that termination of pregnancy does not involve any responsibility? The commandment “Thou shalt not murder” must be interpreted not only in a material way. It applies to all killing! Also of hopes, talents, and opportunities for development. When an abortion is performed, the hopes of the human soul for earthly life, redemption and spiritual development are destroyed.

I have several students who underwent an initiated abortion many years ago (twenty-thirty years) and to this day when they recall the act they did, they are filled with remorse. Something in their feminine intuition tells them that it was not right and that if they could turn the wheel back, they would never perform an abortion. True repentance is a way to free them from a complication in karma, while for women who do not feel it, expect a long way of learning and release from the shackles of karma, until maternal love awakens in them and suppresses personal comfort and interests.
So, what is the solution I offer to women? Learn to be a Queen Woman!

A queen woman is a woman who will never go to bed with a man with whom she has no soul love. In other words, it is a woman who knows that sexual expression should not occur without love and commitment because without them a great deal of suffering can be caused, such as an abortion. Conversely in a relationship based on love, even if there is an unprepared pregnancy, it is not the end of the world.

Since unfortunately I don’t have girls, I educate my boys to be “kings men” which means, It’s not just using a condom but using a ‘condom for the soul’, That is, to defend themselves from sexual relations in which there is no true love but only the satisfaction of instinctive needs.

And what about all the pregnancies that are the product of rape and incest?

The real and profound solution for this horrific phenomenon, is not “free and for free abortions” but the understanding that a society that has so many cases of rape and incest is a society that has a difficult moral problem, Similar to Sodom and Gomorrah, or like Haiti today, it will reach ruin if it does not wake up! And awakening means first and foremost investing in education not only in the use of contraception, but in education to preserve the dignity of the woman’s body and soul. Education for Queen Woman! (Which, by the way, is what needs to be done about prostitution as well. That is to help these women out of this cycle of horror through education and support, and not to say there will be prostitutes anyway so at least they will have social rights.)

I too, like many feminist women, have a harsh critique of the religious establishment that often discriminates against women, and I too, have an allergy to chauvinistic men. But since I am truly convinced of the laws of creation, my choice is not to act against them, not even in the name of my freedom as a woman. My choice is not to be reactionary against the oppression from which women have suffered for thousands of years. Going against my feminine essence just to “resist” is too much of a price for me. My choice is to be a queen woman: revolutionary and not reactionary. A queen woman’s power is based on the connection with her refined energy that has nothing to do with weakness but with the talent she has to be connected to light, with everything that is beyond earthliness.

With this gift, comes nobility and freedom, she shows a man the right way in the material world. A queen woman has the crown of spiritual leadership. This is her most important mission.

I might not be able to change the world, although it is my biggest dream, I definitely want to contribute the little I have to offer to the desired change in the status of women. This is the purpose of the seminar “Queen- secrets of the feminine energy

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