Change your belief – change your life!

Why are most people unable to create the life they want for themselves?

After hundreds of personal encounters, I have come to the almost unequivocal conclusion that it is because most people don’t really believe that their dreams can come true. Although many people think, for example, of a wonderful relationship, talk about it out loud and even take action to find the desired prince or princess, when I ask them: “Do you believe it is possible?” The answer ranges from “no” (because all good men or women are taken or: I am not enough…) to “I wish”.

Thought + Speech + Action + Faith are the components of the seed that we sow in the universe and that in time we will also reap. Just as if we sow lettuce seeds in the ground, we cannot expect to harvest rice.

Admittedly I have no scientific proof, but experience has shown me again and again that our beliefs have the power to determine. Faith is like WIFI, you do not see it but it connects you to what you need… to what you believe! I would take a risk and say that in the overall perfection between thought, speech, action and faith, 70 percent is given to faith!

Therefore, if we have limiting or negative beliefs about ourselves or about life, it will be almost impossible to get where we want, even if we think, talk and do a lot of things.

So how do we change our beliefs to work in our favor?

First, one has to expose and articulate the failing belief. It is usually a belief that was planted in us as children, and we follow it automatically and without awareness.

A belief can be: “Fat people get disrespect in every area of life.” Or: “Whatever I do, no one will love me”, “I will never have enough money”, “Life is hard work”, “Women should do what their husband says” and so on.

Imagine that this belief hangs on you as a sign that every passer-by can see and read, and from that give and reflect to you what is written.

Hence, if one believes that fat people are always treated disrespectfully, that is what they will get. And if a woman goes on a date with a sign: “no matter what I do, no one will love me”, certainly that the day after she won’t receive a phone call or a romantic SMS.

The second step is programming the new faith. The new faith should be chosen consciously, positively and in the present tense. For example: “I live in economic abundance” (and not: “I do not want to suffer from lack of money”).

The third step, and the most difficult one: from the moment we choose the new faith we must act as if what we want is already ours.

This does not mean going shopping and splurge money unrestrained because I am in abundance, but doing actions that will bring abundance, knowing that with every action we are accompanied by the new faith.

If you are looking for the man of your dreams, make a list of everything you want him to have, and start practicing in the belief that you deserve it!

This is a step that requires us to have a creative imagination, but also requires us to maintain a high frequency.

Do not settle for hope, which is the desire for something to happen. Practice creating your beliefs because faith is knowing that what I want will indeed happen!

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