Training Program – Level 3

To whom is the “Training Program” designed for?

“The Training Program” is designed for those who have graduated from Levels 1 and 2 of the ALMAINSPIRA learning program, and have the desire to continue ascending to the highest level of consciousness possible to achieve in life on Planet Earth.

This desire does not originate in the intellect, it rather stems from the deepest most intimate place of the human being. From his soul.

This spring is expressed by the lack of satisfaction from what the materialistic world, with all its pleasures, can offer.
Constantly searching for answers to the greatest questions of our existence.

Looking for an answer to what happens after the Corona crisis in humanity in general and in Israel in particular.
In search of the meaning of life. Looking for fulfillment and a calling.

At times, when searching for a solution to a state of depression that no drug can cure, the solution can be found by removing the depression from the soul and releasing it on its true authentic journey.

Sometimes, this spring continues to trickle, despite the search in different religions and in all kinds of spiritual centers. Despite all the experiences and restlessness, the unexplained yearning “to finally come home”, still exists.

The ALMAINSPIRA “Training Program” provides a response to all these yearnings, by teaching the Masterpiece – “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message”, written by Abd-Ru-Shin.

This work exposes “The Book of Creation” before students who are serious, revealing to them the complete knowledge of all that exists between the Creator and man.

Revealing this knowledge, next to the experience and the confirmation of life itself, will lead each and everyone to a transformation according to their unique journey of the soul. After which, they will have the privilege of arriving at the clarity and certainty as to their specific destiny by being the servants of God in Creation.

 The Grail Message

“In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message” is a summary of 190 lectures, written in the 20’s and 30’s of the 20th century, and which deal with life’s fundamental questions.

The lectures offer an explanation of the entire Creation based on the principles of the laws of nature or in their other name, the Ancient Creation Laws.

“The Grail Message” addresses the individual directly, without referring to their religious or national affiliation.

It talks to the human being’s most intimate experiences, to the points of strength and weakness, and provides valuable guidance in all areas of life in human existence.

Despite the endless knowledge that this book brings to humanity, the spiritual path suggested in it is very simple.

It’s a path which lacks any mystical or esoteric arrogance, however, at the same time it places significant requirements to any person who wishes to walk it, for example, such as:

  • Developing critical and objective thought in respect to every area of life.
  • Independent development (regardless of a teacher or a group) towards spiritual maturity which is expressed by a strong, free and joyful personality.
  • The inner conviction and certainty that this book indeed brings the light of truth to all mankind, will reach each student at a different time, according to their pace of development. But there is no doubt that they will reach it! This is because the knowledge and explanations of this masterpiece are characterized by a gapless consistency. By absolute perfection.

Then, the spark of light within them will become the burning bush, never to be consumed!

The Holy Grail

Over the course of thousands of years, news of the mysterious existence of the Holy Grail reached the earthly plain. However, the human intellect made it so earthly and materialistic, that its true source remained obscure and vague.

The Holy Grail is not a myth. It truly exists, but not in the world of matter. It’s a Grail located in the Grail Castle, in the highest spiritual sphere, the primal creation, bordering the divine sphere.

The Grail Castle is the only point of interaction between the creation and God. It is possible to say it is also the point of transference of the radiation force, which comes from the divine sphere.

This force has been flowing from the beginning of the creation’s existence, in an eternal and infinite pace, into the creation, in order to renew and preserve it, much like the pulse of the heart which allows for blood to flow throughout the body.

The knowledge which does not come from the Grail Castle to humanity, arrives at a cosmic turning point in which the destabilization of the world, confusion and distress will prepare the human spirit to consciously accept, out of gratitude as well, the force that flows through the Holy Grail, for the purpose of purification, renewal and building the new world.

Abd-Ru-Shin, author of The Grail Message

Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, was born on the 18th of April, 1875, in Bischofswerda, Germany, and left his physical body on the 6th of December, 1941.

The “Grail Message” lectures, written between the years 1923-1937, were published under the name Abd-Ru-Shin, which means ‘The servant of light’, and was chosen from a previous lifetime, in which he identified the early preparations for his activities in the present.

The book was not written by studying and investigating different sources, but was rather delivered to humanity from higher sources as a complete and perfect creation, through the author.

However, Abd-Ru-Shin himself, was strictly against personality worship, he wished for the attention of his readers to be focused on the content of his creation and not on him, since “gold is gold, whether it’s in the hands of a king or in the hand of a beggar.”

The “Grail Message” author’s true identity, will be revealed if the reader delves in the new information about creation presented by him, and which to this day has not lost an iota of its immense validity.

Hagit Rabbi

In 2000 I flew to the South of Chile (Concepcion) for a visit of a few months, which extended to seven years of exile, discovery and revelation.

The main reason for changing my original plan was the arrival of the “Grail Message” book into my life, through a wonderful emissary, a woman my age of German origin.

From a very young age I had the burning desire to find the answers to the big questions of human existence, God, and truth. This was the engine propelling my search, learning and experiences with the various spiritual teachings.

However, in my mind’s eye I have never seen, already in the midst of reading it for the first time, such high frequency and a special creation like “The Grail Message”!

I felt as if the author of the book could hear my deepest yearning, and then answer it with his own deliverance:

“I wish to answer the burning questions that remained unanswered in the souls of human beings, and that have never left the minds of those who think critically and who honestly search for the truth.”

And so, without thinking twice, I asked my parents to ship all my belongings from Israel, I resigned from two jobs I had as a Talmud lecturer and devoted myself entirely to the studies and internal experiences that the “Grail Message” had evoked in me in full force.

Reading this creation, places before the reader many challenges, but the greatest challenge is the call to become a “true seeker”.

So did Abd-Ru-Shin write in the preface to the “Message”: “I am addressing earnest seekers only.”

And in another place he explains his intent:

“He who honestly searches for the truth, must first cleanse himself internally.”

“Meaning, to empty oneself out of humility, from all that he has learned and read. He will need to place his knowledge aside, as well as avoid the influence of others, and then experience “The Grail’s Message” in silence, within himself, like a little child now facing something new.

It sounds easy, but in fact it’s the most difficult thing for the modern man to do.

Since I require a serious search as a basic condition, in order for the seeker to be able to absorb the internal content of “The Grail’s Message”, by that I demand the most difficult thing of all.”

Indeed, for me it was the hardest thing of all, because it demanded everything from me:

To collapse and “kill” all my old knowledge, perceptions and beliefs, in order to be able to be re-born.

This process of transformation lasted seven years, after which I made the decision to devote my life to serving God in the creation, by teaching the knowledge found in “The Grail’s Message” to every person whoever and wherever they are.

With this idea I arrived at Buenos Aires in Argentina, as it took its earthly form with the establishment of the “ALMAINSPIRA” Center, where I lovingly taught hundreds of students for fourteen years.

At the same time, I always knew deep inside, that the mission of service which is unique to my soul, the specific promise I made to the light, even in my previous life, was to bring the “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message” to the Hebrew nation sitting in Zion. To Israel.

Therefore, next to the intensive teaching activities in South America, I began writing and translating into Hebrew, books intended for the audience in Israel, and the crowning glory of which is the translation of this masterpiece into Hebrew (A task which has not yet completed).

Opening the Training Program in 2021 is not by accident. We are at a cosmic turning point where all the old false systems are collapsing, and many vessels will break.

This is the designated time, when the souls yearning for the light of truth, will be able to find it in “The Grail’s Message”, and build on the basis of knowledge found in it, the new human being and the new world, that so many dream and pray for it to be formed.

A list of some of the subjects taught in the program:

  • Intellect and spirit
  • The true self (the spirit) and the false self (ego)
  • What is the purpose of life on Planet Earth?
  • Developing intuition and the inner voice
  • The role of art in spiritual development
  • The meaning of every person’s name
  • The laws of creation
  • Responsibility and karma
  • The power of the word and the power of thoughts
  • The feminine role and masculinity in creation
  • Marriage from a spiritual point of view
  • Sacred sexuality
  • Parenting and educational principles – From childhood to adulthood
  • Nature and the elemental entities which make it happy
  • Judgment Day, the purification and the thousand year reign.
  • Death and life after life
  • Judaism and the people of Israel – Spiritual treasures compared to the principles of religion.
  • Bible stories as spiritual codes
  • The holidays of Israel as an invitation and opportunity for spiritual growth
  • God
  • Mankind’s greatest spiritual guides – myths and truth
  • Science and religion
  • The mystery of blood
  • Hypnosis
  • Astrology
  • Nutrition
  • Healing with magnets
  • The universe and the creation of the world
  • The Holy Grail
  • Prayer

The manner in which the program is conducted:

  • Duration of the program: Three years. Ten months each year.
  • The first two years are studies which deal with the personal-spiritual development of each and every student.
  • In the third year, we continue with the personal journey, but focus on the training of each and every one for the role intended for them according to the talent of their soul.
  • Place: A weekly two hour meeting on Zoom and two seminar weekends annually. (Dates will be published at a later date. Board and meals at the workshop are at an additional cost).
  • Participation in the program requires a personal interview.
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