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My name is Hagit Rabbi

Hagit Rabbi

I was born in Jerusalem in 1970. My passion and desire to discover the meaning of life, led me on a quest which began in the departments for Talmud and Jewish thought at the University of Jerusalem, from which I graduated with honors, and after that by teaching at the Shalom Hartman Institute. I had the privilege of learning Kabala and Hassidism studies personally from the mouth of Rabbi Shimon Gershon Rosenberg (Shagar), and I self-educated myself by delving into topics such as: natural nutrition and health, coaching, psychology, sexuality, non-violent communication, eastern and western philosophy, singing, music and various methods of physical awareness.

In 2000, while staying in the South of Chile, I became aware of the literary work “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message”. This book, that answers all the questions about human existence logically, changed my life and led me to make the decision to dedicate my life to serving God in the creation, by helping human beings whoever and wherever they are. With this idea, in 2007 I have established the ALMAINSPIRA Center in Buenos Aires, a non-profit organization which offers methods, techniques and tools, used for the purpose of leading each human being to develop and reach the realization of their full and maximal potential.
In 2016, after hundreds of people have successfully participated in the programs I developed, I began distributing the curriculum to the rest of Argentina, South America and Europe.

During those years, parallel to the service of ALMAINSPIRA around the world, I have engaged intensively in writing and translating books and building a curriculum, intended for the audience in Israel and the diaspora, knowing well that when the time was right I will have to bring them to Israel.

In 2020, which constituted a cosmic turning point for humanity in general and for Israel in particular, the ALMAINSPIRA – Israel project was inaugurated, with the intention of building foundations for the new human being and the new world.

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